A Free Consultation May Change That!  If you are concerned that you may be paying too much tax, a free consultation will help you better understand how we can help with your individual or business tax and accounting needs.

Free-Consultation---FeaturedHave you received a notice from the IRS? Are you starting a new business but have no idea where to begin? Or do you need help organizing your business finances?  Sounds like you need a CPA, and regardless of the reason, you want to find a firm that is the right choice for you. Our firm offers a free consultation which can be very beneficial when deciding on a trusted advisor for your financial well-being.   A consultation gives you the chance to get the answers you need, and it gives us the chance to get to know you, your business and your financial goals.  If you go into a consultation knowing what to expect and being prepared, you’ll get the most from your time spent.

Before the consultation, you should gather all of your tax-related documents including tax returns from previous years, as well as documentation from the current year.  Assemble all documents by utilizing this checklist as a guideline.  The more organized the information, the more accurate assessment and recommendations we can make.

During the consultation, a partner from our firm will review your documentation and ask questions about the type of services you are looking for.  We can provide you with information on the services we provide, but we are more interested in the services you need.   For services outside our area of expertise, we will be happy to refer you to another company who can provide those services (payroll company, tax attorney).

After the consultation, you will have a greater understanding of your tax situation and potential options.  You will be able to recognize what you need to do and why you need to do it.