Consultation Checklist



  • Last Filed Tax Return
  • Identification – driver’s license & social security card
  • Income:  employment (W-2), unemployment (1099-G), gambling (W-2G), alimony, healthcare reimbursements (1099-SA or 1099-LTC), jury duty, non-employee (1099-MISC), Schedule K-1
  • Expenses: bank statements, credit card statements, vehicle records (mileage or expenses), home office
  • Retirement:  IRA (1099-R), Social Security (1099-SSA)
  • Savings & Investments: interest & dividend (1099-INT, 1099-DIV), stocks (1099-B or 1099-S), records of property you sold
  • Deductions:  mortgage interest (1098), state taxes paid, property taxes paid, vehicle taxes paid, HUD statement for any home purchases or sales, donations, medical, previous year tax prep, job hunting or relocation expenses



  • Last Filed Tax Return
  • Incorporation Documents
    • Articles of Organization
    • Operating Agreement
    • Bylaws
    • IRS Form SS4 (Tax ID Letter)
    • Form 2553 (S Election)
  • QuickBooks Data File
  • Income:  gross receipts, sales records, inventory, returns, bank statements, credit card receipts,
  • Expenses:  advertising, travel, insurance, interest, legal, supplies, rent, wages, taxes
  • Assets:  depreciation report (cost & acquisition dates, sales price & disposition dates)