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QuickBooks Checkup

Does your business use QuickBooks Desktop? In general, we recommend that you have one of the three most recent year versions.  For example, in 2019, you’d want to make sure you are using the 2019, … [Read More...]

We hear you kid!

https://youtu.be/fQ0t_BuXIrU … [Read More...]

2018 Deadlines Approaching

2018 Extended deadlines are coming up!!  Partnership and S Corporation tax returns for 2018 are due by 9/16/2019, and personal returns and C Corporations are due by 10/15/19! If you haven’t filed … [Read More...]

Georgia Refund

HAVE YOU RECEIVED YOUR GEORGIA REFUND YET? We have had instances where client’s refunds were being held by the Georgia Department of Revenue for various reasons. Sometimes, just a quick phone call is … [Read More...]

QuickBooks Class – Desktop Version

REGISTER NOW!!Loggins Kern & McCombs offers beginner QuickBooks classes to help small business owners save time and money by organizing all business finances in one place.Held at the Launch & Go … [Read More...]

Summer Checkup

Summer Checkup! It’s always tax time here at LKM, so we wanted to give you a few things to think about during the summer months… 1. Business owners – are you keeping up with your W-9s? You should hav … [Read More...]

Charitable Contributions

Charitable Contributions  The IRS recently issued final regulations regarding reducing the charitable contribution under Section 170 when the taxpayer receives or expects to receive a … [Read More...]

QuickBooks Online Version

Sign up now for the next class July 23.  QuickBooks ProAdvisor and CPA Kim Fourman will be teaching the Online Version of QuickBooks at our office in Jonesboro.  The class is from 10am - … [Read More...]