Unlimited Representation Before the IRS

IRS Auditor - SliderIf you receive an IRS notice or are selected for an audit, then one of your rights as a taxpayer is to have unlimited representation by a credentialed tax practitioner to act on your behalf.   New for 2016 is the addition of the word “unlimited“.  This means that professionals who fall under this category can represent you regardless of whether or not they prepared your tax return.  A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is an example of one of those tax practitioners.  Loggins Kern & McCombs has been a certified tax practitioner for over thirty years and represented many clients before the Internal Revenue Service.  [Read more…]

12 Red Flags to Trigger an IRS Audit

Why is it that some people get audited while others do not?  Is there a little man in a room just randomly pulling out returns to target?   Actually the IRS computers are responsible for catching most discrepancies that flag your account for further inquiry.  Usually a notice is generated, and the ball is in your court to address the issue.

The IRS actually only audits a little over 1% of all the individual tax returns each year.  With those odds, your chances of getting audited are quite low.  Math errors may get you an IRS inquiry, but not likely a full-blown audit.  So how do you avoid an IRS audit?  Well there’s no sure fire way to avoid an audit, but there are certain things that can attract attention from the IRS.  Here’s a list of twelve areas that could wave little red flags and target you for an audit. [Read more…]