Everything You Wanted to Know about Amended Returns

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Should you file an amended return?

Did you discover that you made a mistake after you filed your federal tax return?

You can make it right by having Loggins Kern & McCombs file an amended tax return for you. Here are a few tips to keep in mind about filing an amended tax return.



  1. We will prepare Form 1040X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, to correct errors on your tax return. Amended returns cannot be e-filed; you must file on paper.
  2. An amended tax return is filed to correct your filing status, income, deductions or credits on your original return.
  3. An amended tax return is not filed to correct math errors. The IRS will automatically make those changes for you. Also, do not file an amended return because you forgot to attach tax forms, such as a W-2 or schedule. The IRS will usually send you a request for those.
  4. You usually have three years from the date you filed your original tax return to file Form 1040X to claim a refund. You can file it within two years from the date you paid the tax, if that date is later.
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  5. If you are amending more than one tax return, we will prepare a 1040X for each year. You should mail each year in separate envelopes.
  6. If you are due a refund from your original return, wait to receive that refund before filing Form 1040X to claim an additional refund. Amended returns take up to 12 weeks to process. You may spend your original refund while you wait for any additional refund.
  7. If you owe more tax, file your Form 1040X and pay the tax as soon as possible. This will reduce any interest and penalties.
  8. You can track the status of your amended tax return three weeks after you file with ‘Where’s My Amended Return?’ This tool is available on IRS.gov or by phone at 866-464-2050. It’s available in English and in Spanish. The tool can track the status of an amended return for the current year and up to three years back.
  9. To use ‘Where’s My Amended Return?’ enter your taxpayer identification number, which is usually your Social Security number. You will also need your date of birth and zip code. If you have filed amended returns for multiple years, select each year one by one.

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