Safeguard Your Refund – Choose Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the fastest, safest way to receive your tax refund. When a taxpayer combines e-file and direct deposit, the IRS will likely issue your refund in as few as 10 days.  Why choose direct deposit?



Here are four reasons more than 79 million taxpayers chose direct deposit in 2011:

Thousands of paper checks are returned to the IRS by the U.S. Post Office every year as undeliverable mail.  Direct deposit eliminates the possibility of your refund check being lost, stolen or returned to the IRS as undeliverable.

The money goes directly into your bank account.  You won’t have to make a special trip to the bank to deposit the money yourself.

As you prepare your tax package for Loggins, simply include a voided check(s), and we will do the rest.

You can deposit your refund into multiple accounts. With the split refund option, taxpayers can divide their refunds among as many as three checking or savings accounts and up to three different U.S. financial institutions.  A word of caution: Some financial institutions do not allow a joint refund to be deposited into an individual account. Check with your bank or other financial institution to make sure your direct deposit will be accepted.

For more information about direct deposit of your tax refund and the split refund option, contact us at your convenience.

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