Smartphone Apps – Staff Picks for August

Top Smartphone Apps for August – According to Loggins Staff Members

By now you have problably realized that a cellphone is not just a phone anymore; it is a “device”.  A device that is both fun and beneficial due the wide (and increasingly growing) variety of “apps” available.  I asked the staff here at Loggins to share their favorite apps.  Since there is no end in sight for the introduction fo new apps, be on the lookout for next month’s top picks!

Apps are to the smartphone what software is to the computer.  They can be for fun, business, productivity, news and almost anything.  There are apps that are free.  There are also paid apps that range anywhere from 99¢ to $5, $10 and up.   If you want the most expensive app, you need to shell out $12,500 so your smartphone can connect to your on-board communications system of your private jet.  As a general rule, the free apps (generally referred to as “lite”) have either limited functions or advertisement banners.  The paid version (also known as “pro”) include additional features without the ads.

Apps can save you time, money and provide you with hours of entertainment.  Everyone has their favorites, and that list is ever-changing as newer and better apps are introduced everyday.  Here are this month’s picks from our staff:

Ask Dave Ramsey – If you’re looking for financial advice, this app tells you “what would Dave do” with advice from real-life calls from Dave’s radio show.  The app is free for both iPhone and Droid.


Runtastic – GPS outdoor and indoor tracking app for fitness (running, biking, strength training, etc).  It’s like your all-in-one exercise assistant.  Available for Blackberry, iPhone, Android & Windows Phone.  Lite version allows you to track distance, time, speed; display your route, and share your sports activities on social media sites such as Facebook.  The Pro version retails at $5.99 and gives you voice feedback, heart rate monitoring and other cool features.

GasBuddy – Find the cheapest gas on the go – for free!  This app gives you the option to find gas stations near you then sort by distance or price.  You can also report gas prices for stations you see and earn points to register a free gas give-away each week.  Available for all smartphones.

Bookworm – Word game app that features a library-bound worm named “Lex” who munches up connected letter tiles to form words.  Sounds easy except for the addition of red burning tiles that must be used before they reach the bottom of the screen which ends the game.  This free app is available for all smartphones.

Poynt – Free app for all smartphones!  Easy-to-use, all-in-one tool to connect you with local businesses, retailers, and events while you’re on the go.  You can search for restaurants, gas stations, movies, etc.  Then you can call them, email them, watch the trailer for the movie, get the best gas prices, and map out directions.

Key Ring – Free app that brings all those little cards (loyalty, club, membership) from your key ring and wallet into one convenient place.  It electronically stores all information and allows you to share with all smartphones in your family.  The store just scans the image on your phone instead of the card.    Available for all smartphone platforms.

Evernote – Free app that works with all smartphones and Windows PC.  You can capture, organize and share information between all electronic devices via your computer, phone and web.  You can add a note, web page, photo, screenshot.  Evernote will index everything and make it searchable so you can find anything fast.


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